Our first priority is the improvement and completion of partially constructed additions to the local health center facilities to allow the health center to focus on  maternal and child health and oral health. The partially constructed health center was planned, designed and built entirely by local village people under the guidance and support of the local health district. However, completion of the center was halted do to a lack of financial resources.

This is where we need your help!


In order to provide the thousands of people in this community with basic and preventive maternal health care services they need, we must complete the health center.  We believe the addition of this fully-functioning center in this community will tip the scales toward making this community strong and self-sufficient. It will have an immediate impact on saving the lives of women and children, and a measurable impact on curtailing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other devastating diseases.


The project to create the Center has been divided into three phases: 

Phase 1 (COMPLETE): Construction of the physical building.  The building was constructed with the approval and oversight of the Namwala Health District and is compliant with all public health clinic standards.
Phase 2 (COMPLETE - THANKS TO YOU AND RECENT FUNDRAISING!!!): Installation of running water with solar power and related plumbing into the facility. This phase is designed but requires fundraising and construction to complete. 


Phase 3 (FUNDING NEEDED): Procurement and installation of equipment and supplies, training of staff and outreach activities to mobilize the community around the use of the maternity services.

In order to get the health clinic up and running we need help from people like you. Initial money raised will be used to build and complete:

  • A bore hole for water

  • Plumbing to make the bathrooms functional

  • Solar to power the building and equipment

  • Finishing work on the interior treatment rooms

Babay Pic (1)
Babay Pic (1)